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Cargo Securing

Please note:

For safety reasons, truck loading is subject to regulations whose compliance with freight forwarders is mandatory.

General Loading Instruction

Requirements on trucks for loading:
Sliding tarpaulin body and box bodies acc. to EN 12642 Code XL

Requirements on trucks for loading:

Curtain Sider and box bodies acc. to EN 12642 Code XL

Body with reinforced front wall (0.5 Payload) and firm split rear wall (0.3 Payload) with 4 closures. The side walls (0.4 Payload) and the reinforced roof of tarpaulin vehicles consist of flexible tarpaulin structures and sewn-in lengthwise and crosswise textile fabric straps.

The bodies are also called "curtain sider". Sturdy posts with retaining lugs for aluminium push-in slats with V-profile contribute towards stability. Due to the large number of variants and for checking the technical characteristics, it is recommended to carry along the respective certificate and present it to the carrier for inspection. All vehicles must have sufficient lashing points acc. to DIN EN 12640. Vehicles which are evidently designed and certified acc. to EN 12642 Code XL, but do not supply a corresponding certificate, shall be handled as vehicles without proven body stability and may be approved for loading as an exception under the following conditions:  

  • 5 light alloy push-in boards per unit/section. 2 aluminium slats in the bottom area (as a surrogate side plate) and 3 slats to the top, up to the height of the load’s upper edge
  • 6 wooden push-in boards per unit/section, measuring 100 mm x 25 mm. (3 of which must be at the bottom as a surrogate side plate and the rest distributed over entire loading height.)

  • For mixed arrangements 6 push-in boards per section are required.


In both cases, anti-skid material (3-lane distribution on vehicle floor) and clamps are required to keep the load securely in place. This is also valid for the loading of fabric rolls. Edge protection (minimum 1000x100x100 mm) is required.  Same goes for vehicles without certificate.

Download General Loading Instruction (pdf-file).