Utilities supply - Kraftwerk Obernburg GmbH

All types of energy – as required and reliable

The Kraftwerk Obernburg GmbH (KWO) is our own on-site power plant and generates the entire energy supply for the Industrie Center Obernburg. Apart from securing the internal supply, KWO also produces steam, cold, nitrogen and compressed air as well as provides the water supply via the existing on-site power infrastructure.

The CHP power plant (combined heat and power) utilizes the environmentally friendly fuel, natural gas, with a high level of efficiency. The necessary generation capacities are consistently adapted to local demand. In addition, we feed electrical energy into the public power grid of the surrounding region.

Based on customer orders, KWO staff will also service and maintain air-conditioning systems at the resident companies' manufacturing sites. Equipment can be inspected, operated, and serviced. In the event of a failure or a malfunction, we will coordinate repairs and will schedule maintenance work with the customer, on a case-by-case basis.

Ensuring a reliable power supply to customers always has the top priority. To that end, various teams monitor the entire pipeline system and power grid - including transformers and switching units at the entire ICO. Owing to elaborate maintenance strategies, we provide a high level of economic efficiencies and absolute reliability when it comes to utilities supply.