At the Industrie Center Obernburg, the prime directive is always: safety first!

Safety Rules for Employees and Visitors

The Industrie Center Obernburg is secured by an electronic access control system. Visitors are asked to register at gate 4 at the plant security. For the Industrie Center Obernburg there are binding safety rules for all employees and guests. Each guest is asked to read these carefully before visiting and to observe and adhere to them during their visit.

The ICO security video, which you can watch here, also provides you with an overview of the safety rules and informs you about all safety-related rules of conduct and the requirements to be observed.


Fire brigade

The accredited fire brigade at the Industrie Center Obernburg is staffed with professional and volunteer firefighters capable of providing fast and effective aid in the event of fires, accidents, emergencies and incidents with hazardous materials. The alarm post is staffed round the clock.

The ICO fire brigade is in charge of regular and qualified inspection, maintenance, service and repair of all fire-fighting equipment, smoke and heat evaporators, fire extinguishers, respiratory devices and chemical splash suits and other equipment. The fire brigade will support and advise you as customer in all fire protection and prevention matters. The expertise of the ICO fire brigade is also available to customers outside the ICO.

Site security

For the Industrie Center Obernburg and its resident companies, reliable protection of the entire premises against unauthorized access is essential. Site security is active 24/7, thus also meeting regulatory requirements for operation and protection of highly-sensitive production facilities.

In addition, site security also monitors electronic access surveillance systems for employees at the Industrie Center Obernburg, and after registration of visitors will handle all agreed formalities. This will at all times assure that access to the site is restricted to authorized and registered visitors only.