The shortest routes to Industrie Center Obernburg

By car:

From Frankfurt or Würzburg (Autobahn A3):

  • Take exit „Stockstadt“ and follwo B 469 towards Obernburg
  • Take exit „Obernburg Mitte“ and follow signs to „ICO“, Tor 4 (Gate 4). As you arrive, please check in ant the Site Security office.

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Freight forwarders companies and messenger services, please take note of the following adress for all deliveries:

Glanzstoffstraße 1    63906 Erlenbach

Please note:

When using a navigation system (GPS), your destination coordinates are 49° 49.5' North, 9° 8.9' East or you can enter one of the following destinations:

  • Industrie Center Obernburg or
  • Erlenbach/Main, Glanzstoffstrasse or
  • Erlenbach / Main, Südstrasse

Please follow the signs to „ICO“ Tor 4 (Gate 4).

By train:

From the Aschaffenburg railway station (also a regular IC and ICE stop), you can take the regional train headed to Miltenberg and get off the train at „Glanzstoffwerke“ Station directly at the ICO. Please follow the signs to Tor 4 (Gate 4) and check in at the Site Security office.

Have a safe trip!